Friday, August 2, 2013

Livingroom turns into photo studio. Photo Studio at home, DIY

Studio quality photosthoot DIY

With Arizona's extreame 110 heat, and because my baby girl start crawling... I can not do outdoor photo session any longer in summer. Also, I wanted to take a family photo including my dog. Most commercial photo studios don't allow dogs so I had to figure out taking picture at home somehow, so I purchased this white photography backdrops by Cowboy studio on Amazon for $120. 

It's my first time buying backdrop set, so I really had no idea which one to choose, out of many backdrops that sells online. You can read reviews obviously online here, so I skip all the reviews. I just ended up purchasing this one, after searching and reading review, hoping it works. First, here goes how our first family picture turned out. I have some 100+ photos, but my hubby is not a big fan of me posting lots pictures of him online, so i can show only one. 

Hubby, daughter, and I 

My daughter on my knee, wearing Cocotton's signature Summer Angel Dress and hair clip

Not bad for first try, right?

How I did this studio photo diy
1. Set up the backdrop (10 min) night before
2. Adjust light location in the morning, since morning light is the best in our living room
3. Get ready. Have some make up, pick up your favorite outfit. Have hubby shave. Make sure your dogs are fed and happy. 
4. I asked one of our family member to snap some pictures using Canon EOS. 
    They are not professional photographers, but did a fine job. 
5. Download all photos, and use photoshop and adjust background to show more white. ( I like to keep hint of gray on background )

Remember this photo? This was taken by me, using same backdrop.

Pros about this Backdrop
* It's easy to assemble. Set up is quick, takes some 10 min.
* I'm only 5 feet tall, so being able to extend backdrop stand is a plus so i can set it high.
* I like how wide the white backdrop is, so it's possible to fit up to 10 people or so. 
* Easy to put it back to box, and carry case that came with. 
* 2 Light source works fine. I like natural light, so i use natural morning light mainly, and i lit up the two umbrella light to get extra light in eyes. Otherwise, light is not bright enough. 

Cons about this Backdrop
* It's not high end. Extension clip on the backdrop broke at first use. ( still usable but not as stable without it)
* I had to iron white backdrop, and the material is thin.
* I don't think i need green and black backdrops. 

Overall, I do recommend this product if you are looking for photo studio diy quality background. But if you are professional photographer, I would say, avoid this.

While I was setting up this backdrop, my mother in law gave me a great suggestion to create similar backdrop effect. She suggested, that I should will buy white cotton curtain at Ikea and hang on curtain rod tightly, so that there is no wrinkle. Buy light source separably only, which may be way cheaper than $120. But it will not be mobile. 

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