Sunday, August 11, 2013

Comb or Clip? What's best for your hair style?

Congratulations on your engagement!!!

Now, you picked up a perfect dress for your special day... or at least have some idea what type of dress you are looking for. So... are you thinking How do I want to wear my hair? up dos? Half ups? Wear veil ?  tiara? or some funky fascinator... or top hat? I know, I've been there. Hair style is equally important to your dress. So take your time.

Not a big fan of traditional long veil or tiara? Then, consider getting unique vintage inspired fascinator.  Fascinator is perfect if you are looking for unique and fun hair style. Great for chabby chic, outdoor, or casual setting, or resort wedding.

Now, the question is Comb or Clip fascinator?

CLIPS ( Alligator Clips)
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ProsIf you are wearing your hair up do with veil, usually clip goes well. That's because you can clip fascinator on top of veil, so veil is stable and stay longer on your hair. Other pros are, easy to clip on and clip off so you can wear fascinator during ceremony and you can take off at reception, or vise versa. You can also wear your fascinator after wedding, such as wear on your hat or summer bag during during honeymoon, wear on your dress for other occasion. Clips are easy to wear on down style, as it's as easy as clip on and off to wear on your hair. 
Cons: Clips does not stick on your hair as well as comb, sometimes making it easy to wiggle if you are planning to do heavy dance during your reception.

COMBS ( Gold or Silver combs)

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ProsCombs are great choice if you are wearing updos without veil or wearing all day long from ceremoney to reception since it is more comfortable and won't slide off from hair. 
Cons: Chances that you will never wear combs again for any other occasions.

Best luck on finding best hair style & fascinator !

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