Tuesday, July 16, 2013

HOT weekend in Arizona... what do mommies do ? Well, this is how I spend my weekend.

I DO miss some perfect 70s Nor Cal and So Cal summer sometimes...

This is my 3rd summer in Arizona since I moved here, but I still sometimes think, " what do people do in this heat? " because I don't see anybody outside! Go to mall? Library?

Especially now that I have a baby, I think, " what do stay home mommies do in this heat? "

online game? online shopping? hmmm

Well, this is how I spend my weekend usually ( If I'm not working on my graphic design project) ... doing what I LOVE the most! Sewing!

I sewed one baby summer angel dress , two matching floral dresses for baby girl, and a birthday crown for 1 year old boy! Woa... that's a lot of sewing in one weekend!

Let me show you floral dresses I made. It all started here, when I saw this adorable hot pink baby cardigan at Target. So cute! It's Cherokee brand and was on sale... Yay!

I love cardigan and Hot Pink, so I just had to buy them... two!! One for my baby girl and the other for her cousin. Got home and went through my fabric collections...to see If I can make a dress that go with this adorable cardigan. My hand stopped when I saw this super colorful Green and Pink floral themed fabric. So this is what I ended up making.

Almost too-much-color dress to go with the cardigan!!!! Well, I love it !  Did I say I love Green x Pink?

Look how perfect it fits with the Cherokee cardigan.

With front button closed.

Unfortunately this is not for sale, but I can always custom design dresses for your girl.

Next time, I will show you my diaper bags and summer beach bags I made couple weeks ago.

I said, "It's too hot outside to go out with baby !"  Well, what a good excuse to stay inside and sew !




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